Our Vision

Artrix's vision is to create fun, engaging and innovative games that have a true impact.

Interactive experiences that delight, inspire, are loved and are both played and fondly remembered for many years. Passion and enthusiasm drive us as a company, inspiring our employees to be part of something great and truly engaging.

Artrix Values

At Artrix, our values are at the heart of our company and the foundation in which our employees can build both the success of the individual and of the company.

Work Hard

We believe that hard work pays off, especially when inspired.

We know and understand the value of working hard in order to get results and having the mind-set of creating games that will compete and be successful on an international level.

Play Hard

Our play, both real and virtual, gives us the inspiration for the games we create.

Our philosophy is if our employees are having fun and love what they do they will become more dedicated to creating games that people will love and continue to play.


We bow to the altar of creativity and believe that good ideas can come from anywhere.

We harness creativity through the freedom of ideas without limitations. To nurture an individual's creativity recognition, open-mindedness and the willingness to take risks needs to be intrinsic core values.

Who Are We?

Creating Games with Impact

We are a new and ambitious gaming studio, founded in 2014, as a strategic choice in setting up a creative, and diverse centre of game development in Auckland, New Zealand. We pride ourselves on creativity, fun and freedom of ideas.

We work hard but have fun while we do it! Our teams are full of passionate people who love what they do and the diversity of our teams adds to the uniqueness of our company culture which thrives on collaboration, creativity and freedom of ideas.

At Artrix, we celebrate imagination and innovation, and aim to create an open company culture in which talented people are fully supported to work, play and thrive. Our goal is to create games that truly matter and generate positive impact in multiple markets worldwide.

Our Global Partners

New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, United States & China

We are developing for:

Nintendo, Android, iOS, Sony